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Summer at Chalet d'Or

As the winter snow melts away, the ski crowds disappear and the alpine pastures spring to life with an abundance of wild flowers studding the rich green slopes. It is truly an explosion of nature's beauty as each species races to make up for the long hibernation under the winter snows.

Chalet d'Or's extended garden is superb open fields full of wild flowers

Summer Accommodation

For our Summer visitors we have a fully furnished studio in the chalet, sleeping up to 4 with sleeping arrangements configured to suit your needs, it makes an ideal small family holiday home. Rates from 15 euro per person per night based on 4 sharing for a week.

Alternatively we can provide bed and breakfast in the main chalet for up to 8 people. Rates from 25 euro per person per night.

We love the tranquillity of early May, taking short walks below the slowly retreating snowline to spot the 'first' of each emerging species. Walks should be short and not too strenuous at this time, as a sudden drop in temperature can transform springtime back into a winter wonderland. The walk up to the summit of the Danay (1731m) gives a fabulous orientation for the surrounding peaks.

As May rolls into June the cows are in the pastures and their bells are ringing, each a unique melody. The farmers are up in their summer chalets, the cheese production reaches its peak as milk yields soar when the cows commence their delicious diet from the fresh pastures. What's more, it is all truly organic and protected under the charter of the AOC Reblochon cheese production.

As soon as summer is here, it is the time to consider the more strenuous walks to the higher mountain destinations. The local summits; Tournette (2345m), Jallouvre (2408m), Aiguille Vert (2045m), L'Ambrevetta (2463m), Pointe Percee(2750m), are sufficiently challenging for the even the experienced hill walker to break a sweat. Alternatively, choose the hidden mountain lakes as your day's destination. Lac de Lessy, Lac de Tardevant, Lac de Peyre are all jewels, waiting to be discovered.


A seasonal break from Paragliding is not an option for those of us lucky locals who have the passion to fly. As soon as the ski lift opens in late December, if it is blue sky we will be up there. Not long, a 20 minute 'sled' ride in calm winter air is a great way to start the season, in a good year; the ever present thermals are strong enough to lift you up above 2000m even at Christmas time. But an hour in the air is usually enough at this time, the hands can be cold and the log fire at the chalet beckons....

Why not stay on a B&B basis and enjoy a hearty home-cooked breakfast.

Soaring the Summit of Lachat

Chalet d'Or and our ducks!

By February
the climb out's are reaching 2400m and the hop across the valley to the Danay (1731m) or the Roc des Tours (1994m) are possible, time in the air can be extended with the warmer air and for the lucky flyer a glimpse of the golden plumed lammergeyer is possible.

By late March and April, it is the start of the true XC season, flights to Annecy become a target and the first to achieve it, becomes the local hero - for an hour or two! Followed closely by the out & returns to Annecy, or the further XC to Chambery or Chamonix.
By the end of April getting above the Aravis Mountains (2500m+) becomes possible in the lively spring conditions. The Ski station closes at the end of April, but now we benefit from getting Mount Lachat entirely to ourselves. Just 5km drive and a short walk up puts you on the slopes in a position to take off and enjoy the big air with only the large birds to share it with! Slope land, then drive home to the chalet for a tranquil night before tomorrow's adventure afresh. The Chairlift opens by the third week in June and remains open until the beginning of September, so now logistics are easier, a 15minute walk to the chairlift or even fly down to the valley bottom to catch the cabin lift back up! Longer XC's are now the norm, also the popular tour-the-peaks circular route for those who have family on the ground. The summit take off never gets crowded, even on a busy day there is plenty of space to lay out and reflect before take off, and once off the ground, the big air is open in all directions.

Autumn is calmer in the air and now it is the time to explore some of the other flying sites in the surrounding area, one of my favourite being the lake view take-off's at Annecy. Or why not find your own take off, with the lightweight kit, it is fantastic to combine a climb up with a fly down. The potential here is unlimited.

Chalet d'Or is situated right in the heart of the stunning Aravis mountains
and close by to many fantastic walks amongst the local fauna and flora


The house thermal, from our house!!

Chalet d'Or is an ideal location for experienced independent flyers either on an individual basis, in a flying group or with a non-flying family.

GPS Co-ordinates (North 45 degrees 56' 59.26" East 06 degrees 26' 57.83").

Weather Forecast For the Aravis Area, we prefer the Chamonix meteo.

The other summer activities offer something to suit all tastes; Mountain Biking, Via Ferrata, Climbing (bolted rock or free), Canyoning, Rafting, Sailing on the Lake at Annecy, Scuba diving, Wake boarding, Water skiing...

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